Logotype created for the Foodmind brand. Foodmind deals with the food labeling and releasing it on the market. The offer is directed to business clients. The toned down, simple and elegant design of the logotype and the visual identification system emphasize the company’s competences, strong letters present it as trustworthy professionals, and the friendly round graphic elements add lightness to the serious legal procedures. In addition, magnifying glass emphasizes attention to every detail, while plant element outlines the company’s specialization.
Among other things, the logo is easy to remember, thanks to the fact that the graphic part of the logo is incorporated into the company’s name. It was important because the company is new to the market.

When designing the logotype, we took into account the possibility of presenting it in various forms – both in two and three-dimensional form – for example, as a neon sign on the building. The logotype will work well in the form of digital graphics on a website, in print and imprint, eg. on the calendar cover.