The project for Vectra S.A. included creation of a new book of standards, within which not only the document itself was created but also the design of new stores’ interiors and new points of sale – mobile office and the open sales point. This interior design included interior design, dedicated display furniture design, selecting the range of ready made solutions and establishing new interior standards template for all new stores.

Vectra follows the rapidly developing market of technology services, and responds to the needs of customers, so the words: “fast and convenient” – indicate the direction for the visual concept of points of sale and the way of customer service. Modern (speed), but tied to tradition (convenience).

The designs use timeless universal interior elements (which do not age). The concept is enclosed in a minimalist range of shades of white, gray, graphite (modernity), but charms and “wraps” (comfort) with the texture of the materials used and the warmth of the wood. All color accents are derived from the colors of the logotype, thus further increasing the recognizability of the brand.

Additional elements warming the interior are green accents. Vertically and horizontally arranged wooden elements are inspired by classic architectural solutions, but given a in a modern form (combination of materials, playing with textures). Due to its timelessness, the solutions used will long will not need to be replaced (refreshment recommended). In accordance with the principle of rational behavior, the visitor to the point of sale seeks to achieve the purpose of his visit in the shortest possible time and with as little effort as possible. Information that will help achieve the goal should be prominently displayed in the entrance area, while advisor areas and waiting areas should be located with service/equipment testing areas.

Given the diversity of services and the nature of the brand, it is important to add presentation screens in showrooms that can be easily visible from any point in the room. In showrooms over 100m2, we recommend adding a wall of screens that will attract the eye and will allow the current offer to be displayed in the most attractive form possible. Using research in existing showrooms and based on reports from customer advisors, the following have been incorporated into the new standard the following functional principles:
– signage for the queuing machine,
– clear signage of the advisors’ desks,
– ticket machine located as close to the door as possible,
– a children’s corner located in a safe part of the facility’s space,
Marketing/visual communication media behind the backs of the advisors in the service areas were introduced, and the interactive zone
testing has been expanded.