The size of the island is 250x350cm.
Taking into account the nature of customer visits and the time spent at the island (the time must be sufficient to get acquainted with the offer, the customer must also be able to read the contract, and quietly sign it), in addition to the display itself, we also included a place for the customer and the consultant, designed specifically to deal with the paperwork. The island consists of eight modules, four corner modules, two counters, a totem with screens and illuminated logos on white fins, and a place for the customer. All units by design have anti-theft protection. All modules include storage compartments.

The basic version of the POS has been adapted to the requirements of the most restrictive guidelines of shopping centers. The POS itself, on the other hand, is designed in a modular way, which allows to adapt the whole, including to open compositions.
Minor changes in the finishings and color are permitted. In order to keep the appearance of the POS consistent with showrooms and other mobile service points, wooden laths, or mdfu laths with an arctic oak finish, are recommended as finishes.