The project for Vectra S.A. included creation of a new book of standards, within which not only the document itself was created but also the design of new stores’ interiors and new points of sale – mobile office and the open sales point. This interior design included interior design, dedicated display furniture design, selecting the range of ready made solutions and establishing new interior standards template for all new stores.
Mobile POS:
Form – glazed event and sales container.
steel painted with a color from RAL palette
1. one stand, mini showroom – showcase with equipment (small equipment like: decoders, phones, tablets, etc.), presentation TV.
2. a sofa for customers and a dispenser for leaflets
3. in addition, facilities for the consultant. Interior colors subdued maintained in whites, grays, finished with wooden lamellar walls. Color accents introduced as furniture upholstery and colors of marketing materials. The container is glazed, bright. If necessary, additional lighting is installed in the ceiling to illuminate the interior during events in the autumn and winter.