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Meet us

At the heart of Central Europe, in Poland our company Tutuconcept was founded in 2012.

We are a team of designers with years of experience on our accounts. Over the past decade, we have worked tirelessly to develop a creative and innovative approach to design and marketing services. Our passion for design and marketing work, along with our experiences over the years, have enabled us to face every challenge and overcome most of the difficulties.

And today, we’re kicking off the second decade of our career journey with a growing number of loyal clients and an honorable reputation that we maintained over years, as well as a continued expansion of our projects around the world (UAE, Australia, Denmark, Germany, USA and Poland), not only for the services we offer at the right prices, but also because of the quality of the innovative services we provide, which captivate our clients and gain their satisfaction.

And because our ambitions are as boundless as our capabilities and experience, we have decided to open our Commercial Office for trading services in collaboration with Motagra General Trading in the United Arab Emirates which known now as the Switzerland of the Middle East because UAE Ranks Number one destination for Millionaires migration in 2022.

This office will Guide entrepreneurs and companies interested in starting their activity in the United Arab Emirates market in an appropriate way and mechanisms, the manner in which it can be implemented at the lowest initial investment cost and with the highest anticipated return.

Get to know our way of work

We like our work and the people we work with.

There are six of us in the team, which is the perfect number to work on most projects, and when something bigger hits, we have proven specialists who are happy to assist us.

Therefore, we can do almost anything, and we are often approached by clients, who need something „right away” or our favourite „yesterday”. Sometimes we also operate in the „express” version, in which case we implement a task work model, and we work two shifts. 

We have morning birds on the team, so if you’re somebody who enjoys doing everything in the morning, then we have the right people for you, and if you’re just starting out and your business is booming after hours, we have people who prefer to work in the owl mode as well. 


And how will we work with you?


With whom will you be working?


Head product and graphic designer


Projekt management and marketing


Business development


Senior graphic designer


Graphic designer


Sculptor, 3D artist