A successful product is a synergy of the technology used in the process and the creativity of designers and engineers

Broadly defined design, or industrial design, is a field that derives from a combination of the arts, humanities and sciences. It is a collaboration of diverse experts that makes it possible to create designs that put people and their problems at the center, and solve them effectively.  Industrial design combines modern technology, innovation, ergonomics and design so that all objects can stand out and be attractiveboth to the customer and user, as well as meet all market requirements. 

Product design is our specialty. We have designed dozens of products that have been implemented in the market and appreciated by the users. Our design range is vast. We perfectly know how to develop single products, facelifts of existing products on the market, as well as designing the entire ranges. Our design is always preceded by analyse and market research, those are the factors which allow us to implement the best, tailored to the needs of customer. 


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As part of the design process, we can prepare pre-production prototypes. We make resin 3D printing models and simplified molds which allow to test the ergonomics of the product.


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We have over 10 year of experience, and we know how to deliver dedicated design  under reasonable prices. Whether it is the furniture handle or POS we know the drill.

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